My Bike, My Guru

I recently went mountain biking for the second time ever.

The first time was in 2003.

Mountain biking is one helluva teacher.

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Lessons from  the trail:

Look where you want to go, not where you don’t.

On a bike, looking where you don’t want to go could end you up over a cliff or wrapped around a tree, or head first over the handlebars.  In life…well, I suppose the possibilities are endless, endlessly NOT where you want to be.  This can apply to negative behavior and thought or relationships or career choices.

You never know what the outcome will be until you try.

While biking I found myself having a brave and playful attitude towards attempting tight turns, going up and over rocks, and getting to know my gears.  Some times the outcome was good, sometimes I “failed”, either way I wouldn’t have know unless I just went for it.

Of course…

There’s a difference between fearless and stupid. Be fearless. Don’t be stupid.

Fearless doesn’t mean that you don’t learn from your past experiences or that you ignore good instinct.  It means that you make intelligent choices that are not based on fear.

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My Yoga

My yoga is

testing limits, boundaries, and fears

My yoga is

releasing expectations and opening up to possibilities

My yoga is

taking delicate care of my right hamstring and not-so-bendy back

My yoga is

knowing the difference between intentions and goals

My yoga is

falling, failing, and flailing without judgement

My yoga is

tuning into the internal dialog

My yoga is

respectfully telling the external voices to shut the fuck up

My yoga is

confronting jealousy, comparison, and ego with a deep breath and a true smile

My yoga is

a labyrinth rather than a road-map

My yoga is




I had the pleasure of attending Wanderlust Festival at Snowshoe Mountain (West Virginia) this past Saturday.  It was a very full day and a mostly wonderful experience.

The whole thing definitely had me thinking a lot about what yoga means to me, it’s role in my life, and my goals and intentions within my yoga practice and as a yoga teacher.  I came away from the weekend a bit conflicted and confused.  So I wrote the above list. :)

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