From Yogi to Pirogi

What’s that you say? You’ve never made pirogies?

You start with a dough of flour, water, and egg yolks.

Rolled out nice and thin and cut into circles the dough is ready to be filled with balls of potatoes, onions, and cheddar.

Don’t forget the homebrew!

Michael brought A KEG (a pony keg, but a keg nonetheless) of his High Dry Desert Stout.  I might be slightly off on the name but I know he brought some ingredients back from Arizona.  This beer is thick and a delicious mix of sweet and bitter.  I didn’t hear an alcohol % but I am pretty sure it’s high.  BTW, this is my big sister, Yarrow, we’ve gotten confused for twins or each other all our lives!

Drinks in hand, there is work to be done!  The dough must be carefully wrapped around the potato filling.

Into boiling water the doughy dumplings must go.  Next stop, the oven to keep things toasty.

And don’t forget the saurkraut, mushroom gravy, and fried onions. (I was told by a few people that my homemade sauerkraut was the best they’ve had!)

Looks like the pirogies pass the kid test!

Making pirogies at Christmas time is a family tradition from my mom’s Polish and Ukrainian heritage.  Almost every year we break out the white flour and more butter than we probably use in a whole year and get to work.

We were aiming for 20 DOZEN but we lost track after about 14 (dozen).  35 people were here for dinner but we still have dozens for the freezer!

I am so glad I got my run in early, exercise really lifts my mood and energy throughout the day.  How about you? Did you achieve your exercise goals for the day?  If not, what stood in your way?  Cold weather?  Busy life? Overcommitted?

Have a wonderful night!  I think I will sleep good tonight, pirogis in the belly and family all around.