Indoor Gardening

It’s amazing what a little fresh air does for the body and soul, even when it’s a dark and dreary day.

It’s better than coffee for an energy lift and I kinda love coffee.

A little indoor gardening project got me out the door before work.

I was hoping to find some beautiful, smooth river rocks but all I got was gravel and pebbles.

No worries, it still works!

Every winter I admire the displays of paper white narcissus growing in water and pebbles, they seem to bring the fresh air inside and remind me that Spring is coming.


This year I finally got it together to start my own!

I collected a half a dozen big glass vases from the Salvation Army (costing $0.50-$1.00 a piece), bought a bag of bulbs from the local nursery, found some rocks at the river, and put it all together!

The concept is simple: place rocks in the bottom of a container to keep the bulbs elevated while giving the roots some place to go.  Let’s hope it works!

12 responses to “Indoor Gardening

  1. Pretty!
    I love the look of Paperwhites (always have), but once they start blooming, I can’t STAND the stench. Am I the only one that thinks they smell like cat pee? :)


    • HA! I like it and I usually have a really, really strong aversion to anything resembling cat pee, however I like floral everything.

  2. Love your boots! Where did you get them? :)

  3. I’ve been eyeing those bulbs up in the store too, thinking how beautiful and needed they’ll be during the winter. I really need to just buy them next time I see them!

  4. Cool idea Faith! I hope it works too!

  5. They are so pretty when the bloom and I agree they don’t smell very good. I’ll look for an update on how they do!

  6. Love the indoor garden ideas & the flowers are just beautiful! There is nothing like seeing beautiful growth indoors as things die back outside! So I can totally relate to your website frustrations! I am new using my blog & developing it & totally understand that when something doesn’t post & I cannot figure out why, man I break down! I have found that video tutorials are AMAZING! Usually, I’m great at understanding just by reading & doing, but w/website issues I’m finding that watching a video makes much MORE sense & the one detail that is preventing you from posting is not missed if you hear/see someone explain it! I’ve found youtube has some great ones, but I’m sure you can find others, usually your blog host is pretty good as well! But good luck, I’m right there with you! Love reading your blog, have been following for perhaps just over a year now!

    • The video tutorials have saved my ass a few times already! It’s so helpful to see things step by step! Thanks for reading!

  7. omg i love these! i am making one. do you happen to know if they are toxic to cats? i can google it.

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