Spring’s the Thing


Oh Spring.

You are even more magnificent than I remember.

For a few fleeting weeks every Spring we live on the most beautiful street in Charlottesville.  The rest of the time…well that’s another story for another day…

But I love our home nonetheless.  It’s comfortable, convenient, and there’s lots of room to garden.

The collards that fed us through the (very mild) winter bolted faster than Usain as soon as it it 70*.

Just in time for the new crop to pop.

What shall go in the fresh dug dirt?

If it were up to Tate the only thing we’d grow would be tomatoes and we’d eat them straight up with a pinch of salt ’til we turned crimson.  Love that man.

As a compromise we’ll plant a dozen or two tomatoes along with lots of greens, herbs, beets, cucs, and zucs.  I reeeaaalllly want to can pickles this year.

And eat a lot of greens but that goes without saying ’round these parts.

Spring has an air about it.  A bustling, busy, full of excitement-and-anticipation air!  My Spring is shaping up to be full.  Full of teaching, which is awesome! Monday I started teaching Introduction to Modern Dance at Piedmont Virginia Community College. My class is diverse in many definitions of the word and I am looking forward to watching the students become more familiar with me and my style of dance.

For the first time since graduating college I am back on the semester schedule and thus Spring once again signals that another [academic] year is drawing to a close and soon my schedule will shift once again.

If you asked me in January what my favorite season is I would probably respond Summer.  But that would be a lie.  It’s really Spring.  Hands down.  Summer is playful and the gardens are productive but it’s also steamy and mosquito filled and you have to water said gardens to keep them growing.  Spring is where it’s at.

Happy Spring!

Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter?

10 responses to “Spring’s the Thing

  1. I went out early this morning when it was still cool, just walking around looking at everything we planted last year coming back up – lots of perennial flowers and plants in a new landscape bed in the front yard, as well as apple and redbud trees. The Egyptian onions and garlic and strawberries are all growing like weeds. As are the weeds! =) Anyway, as I took my stroll I couldn’t help thinking that spring was my favorite season, as well.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Spring in the Wasatch is beautiful and exciting; we get those rare, halcyon days when it’s warm enough to wear tank tops and cool enough spend the whole afternoon outside….So happy Spring came back to us!

  3. I could see how Spring would be wonderful in other parts of the country. In Seattle, we get buckets of rain and endless gloomy skies until mid June/early July. But our summers are GLOR-RI-OUS. With average temps in the high 70s to mid 80s, a nice ocean breeze, low humitity, and a sun that won’t quit until well past 10 p.m. A complete opposite of Spring.
    All that said, my favorite season in Seattle is Fall. It feels endless, starting in late September with crisp nights and sparkly sunny days and extending all the way to Thanksgiving with multi-colored leaves blown across the streets and sweater weather dominating most of the month.

    • gracefulfitness

      Oh, that’s right, the great NW. The trade-off to the looooonnngg gloomy days is that things are always green! I miss that.

  4. Spring, hands down. I’m with you on this one! There’s something exciting about the transition from winter to spring ( which I really appreciate living in snowy Cleveland) – especially when the trees start budding. The feeling of being on the brink, the feeling of potential, I associate the most with spring out of all the seasons. Spring is just magical.

    • gracefulfitness

      It is magical! I’ve been known to literally gasp with awe and delight at seeing the trees bud and then explode in green!

  5. Oh dear we need help with our nonexistent garden…

    New blog looks great!!

  6. Well, my favorite season has always been fall. Living in upstate NY, it’s almost impossible not to love it. We have crisp, cool days full of beautiful foliage. We live in apple country, so we have our pick of apple orchards to visit and I think I consume over a hundred pounds of apples during the height of fall. I just love the feeling of needing a sweater and the smells and sights that are part of fall. But, I’m noticing that in the past two years I have come to love spring more than I thought. There’s just something about the fresh awakening of spring that feels so good.

    • gracefulfitness

      Funny, I think I’ve been loving Fall a little more than I used to since returning to the east coast. :) I say love the season you’re with but spring is in her full glory right now and I love green. Seeing all the trees return to green makes me very happy.

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