Health Activist Writer’s Challenge Month* Day 7

My perfect Saturday, a healthy, fun, and active Saturday includes;

Smelling the flowers.

























Eating a rainbow.













And outdoor activities with friends. :)











*This month I am participating in Wego‘s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge.  Wego Health is a social media network focused on health activism.  The challenge (HAWMC) runs the month of April and the goal is to write 28-30 (you get 2 days off if you need ‘em) health-related posts.  Wego sends you a list of prompts for each day and, although you are in no way required to use them, I will mostly be following the list.  I chose to participate in the challenge after stumbling upon it during an unrelated search and am looking forward to this “online writing workshop”.   You can participate too!  If you have a venue for online writing and this challenge sounds intriguing to you then join in! Sign up to have the prompts sent to you here.  Check out the HAWMC blog, Facebook page, or #HAWMC for more of the good stuff: health activism!

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  1. What beautiful flowers and that salad looks delish!

  2. If only this was scratch and sniff.

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