I Used to be Scared

I used to be scared of the dark, but I’m not anymore.

I used to be scared of speaking my mind, even if it wasn’t the favorable opinion, but I’m not anymore.  Well, not as scared as I used to be at least.

I used to be scared of coming in last, but I’m not anymore as long as I know that I am pushing my own boundaries.

I used to be scared of public speaking, and I still am but I find that it usually comes easily once I get those first few words out.

I used to be scared of full-fat dairy, but I’m not anymore.

I used to be scared of calling myself a blogger, but I’m not anymore.

I used to be scared of the unknown, and I still am but I am working on embracing it with an open mind.

I used to be scared of asking for help, but I’m not anymore.

What fears have you overcome in your life?

HAWMC Day 9!

4 responses to “I Used to be Scared

  1. I used to be petrified to drive a motorcycle. I have been riding on the back for years but the thought of driving one froze me to the core. I finally took the state offered course and learned in one weekend a few years back. Passing that course was liberating. I never felt quite so free and everything since then has seemed just a little easier.

  2. Hey, I used to be scared of full-fat dairy too; I even referenced in it in my post today before reading yours! Now, I can FATHOM a latte made with skim milk. Blech. In terms of bigger fears: I’m conquering the fear of running a marathon. I’ve got 3 weeks to go. I also admitted to my boss that I totally screwed up on something today. I’ve conquered the fear of admitting weakness. Indeed, I felt SO MUCH BETTER after talking about it. Boy oh boy, someday I might become a real adult at the rate I’m going:)

    Love the picture – so lovely.

  3. Ha! I used to be scared that I wouldn’t get married. I’m 26, and marriage is nothing I’m interested in. Granted, I haven’t found anyone worthy (I refuse to settle), but I’m starting to think that I really might be best on my own. We shall see. No one seems to understand that I truly enjoy my independence and solitude. For now, it’s pretty great. Mr. Right may have made a wrong turn. But Mr. Wrong came around like 5 times over the last few years. Thus, I tend to stand in the doorway with my arms crossed waiting for magic words or something. Where for art thou Romeo? I think Taylor Swift already had her way with him.

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