I am grateful to have a job that gets me moving.  Mondays-Thursdays I teach mat Pilates, Modern dance, yoga, and dancers workout classes.

Teaching is a great workout and gets me sweating and stretching everyday.

But it ain’t my workout.

My focus is on my students and often I only do a few repetitions of an exercise then watch and give cues/corrections.  And even when I do the whole workout it doesn’t provide the same stress release and endorphin high as getting into my own zone.

Several times a week I make sure to workout for me.  I have an arsenal of exercises at my disposal and often do a quick mix of yoga, Pilates, running, and tabata.

I have a new favorite exercise in my box of tricks.

It’s a variation of side plank with an added balance/core/hip element.

Start in a plank with your feet a little wider than normal (wider than hips)

Rotate heels to one side and come into a spilt leg side plank

Lift your front leg and float it over the back leg

Tap your lifted foot to the floor behind your body

Don’t get too comfortable! Your going right back up

Set the lifted foot back down in front of your bottom foot

And back to plank

Now for the other side…

3 responses to “Plank

  1. I love it when you post exercise ideas! The more the merrier. I’m always looking to mix up my routine! 😀

    Question: do you hold these positions for any length of time, or do you flow right into the next position?

  2. Whew! I can feel my muscles shaking just reading and looking at the pictures. I’ll probably rest in child’s pose after just one round.

    A great reminder though – I tend to do plank a lot but side plank, not so much! Now if only my wrist can get better so I can do this…

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