Feed Me Greens

Wow, it’s been a good eating week but honestly I am so over the food.  Feed me greens and eggs for the next week please.

I love Thanksgiving food but honestly it loses it’s appeal pretty fast, I feel like everything competes for more fat and more salt.  This year’s dinner was declared the tastiest in several years though and I had a blast cooking up a storm with my sister.  There are two dishes that I want to share with you in the coming weeks, goat cheese and mushroom stuffed delicata squash and miso-lemon green beans.  But for now I am so over the food.

Just like the last two years Tate and I spent Thanksgiving at my sister and brother-in-laws in the hills of West Virginia.  (2010 post, 2011 post)  My long weekend was a nice balance of family, friends, activity (went on two great runs and danced my ass off at the bar Saturday night :)), cooking, and lounging.

The next two weeks are crunch time before I get to get back into the holiday spirit.  Only 4 more classes of the semester at the college where I teach!  This means I better get my act together and figure out the final exam I’m giving my students next week…

I have a show coming up too!

If you celebrated Thanksgiving I hope it was your best yet!


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  1. My favorite dish at the (Michigan) Thanksgiving table this year? The leafy, green pear salad with a simple vinagrette. Does that make me weird? Love the picture of you! Happy Thanksgiving to you too . . . now let’s Deck the Halls!

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