Yep, I’m Boasting!

It’s a fun week for Gracefulfitness.

A few weeks ago I was interviewed via skype by Adam Bate for his podcast Lifestyle Accountability Show.  We spoke for about 40 minutes about health, fitness, exercise, and food.  I wasn’t sure how I would do being put on the spot to answer questions like that but overall I think I articulated my approach and attitude about cultivating a gracefully fit lifestyle just fine.   The show went live yesterday and you can listen here! I start off a little rambly and rough so if you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing do me a favor and skip to about minute 10.

The other excitement is my first post on Elephant Journal.  One of my few New Year’s goals was to write more and to share my content in other avenues besides just this blog.  The first week of the year I submitted a post to Elephant Journal, an online “publication” and it was immediately accepted (full disclosure, I’ve since submitted two more that were turned down.  Disappointing but also nice to know they don’t accept everything!).   My article on saying no to the detox diet mentality can be read here.

I would love your feedback on both the podcast and the article and if you feel so inclined please share them!

In the spirit of One Word Wednesday post, here are a few wintery images I found in my Picasa files today.



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  1. I listened to the interview during lunch. The span of health based topics and life experiences was so thorough, and thoughtful. I heard you work your way through the hurdles of live time response as you processed the questions. I look forward to hearing more recordings in your future. Clean eating – yes! Movement – yes! Appreciating your childhood – thanks for the affirmations!

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