Screw Winter

My last three vacations were born out of Tate desire to chase waves.  Not that I’m complaining one bit, his love of surfing has taken us to gorgeous beaches around the world (including living in Peru for a year!).  The latest was Puerto Rico, which he’d had his eyes on for years.  Tate, two friends, and I spent a glorious week escaping from winter.

Puerto Rico is totally unique.  Technically it’s The United States but it has the unique distinction of also being part of Latin America.  It feels more similar to Central and South America than the “mainland” U.S except you don’t need a passport to travel there and everyone we encountered was bilingual.  In fact, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to use my (pretty pathetic) Spanish at all.

The island is pretty small, roughly 100 miles by 35 miles, and an awesome mix of forest and beach. It is very accessible from the East coast, our tickets were $300 from Richmond, Virginia and it only took 5.5 hours airport to airport.

We rented a condo on the beach not far from the town of Isabela and spent our days surfing, running, snorkeling, lounging, and exploring the area.

It’s back to the grind now but the awesome memories will last, unlike my tan. :)

Plank time!  Check out Monday’s post to catch up on my February plank challenge (ONE HOUR OF PLANKING!) and check out the Gracefulfitness Facebook page to see how today’s workout breaks down and for video of today’s plank of the day.

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