Eight Weeks of Asana

At the risk of sounding about 8 years old, my birthday is in 8 weeks.


Haven’t really given the day or the age much thought yet but as I was practicing yoga this afternoon I thought about the birthday challenges I’ve done in the past and decided I’d like to set one for this year.

As a closure celebration to this year of 32 I will practice yoga asana 32 times over the next 8 weeks, starting today and finishing Sunday May 11th.   That means 4 practices a week, which is a stretch to my current 1-2.  A “practice” can be anything from 5 minutes of Sun Salutations to a 90 minute class but the goal is to step on the proverbial mat and focus my energy, attention, and intention 32 times before my next birthday.

Wanna join me?

I know it’s (probably) not your birthday on May 12th but we could also consider it a Mother’s Day (May 11th) challenge.  32 is the number that sounds good to me but you could certain go for 8 or 16 is even a random favorite number, like to practice yoga 23 times over the next 8 weeks.

Happy asana-ing!


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3 Responses to Eight Weeks of Asana

  1. Kate Kelleher says:

    I love that idea!! I am going to steal it and change it a little….I am 40 on the 7th May so between now and then i am going to try for 40!!
    Just finished a completely different fitness challenge this week and will start my new challenge with 2 yoga workshops next week with your friend Tiffany Cruikshank in my hometown – bit excited to be honest!!

  2. Jo says:

    What a wonderful idea!

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