In 2017 I Will…

Happy New Year!!

I am quite glad to report that this year has started off much better than last, the weekend was perfectly filled with friends and relaxation and I am going into 2017 feeling excited, optimistic, healthy, and happy.

My non-resolutions…

In 2017 I Will

  • Speak my heart and mind with less fear; less fear of ridicule, of offending, of meeting resistance, of looking silly/stupid/dumb.

  • Become more financially responsible by keeping better track of the money in and the money out and diversifying my investments.

  • Continue to eat what I want when I want without guilt or fear or regret.

  • Continue to practice “Body Led Workouts”; listening to my body and responding to what it’s telling me (if I’m energized and feeling great I go harder, if something hurts I stop or switch exercises, if I just can’t get my head in the game then maybe I throw in the towel without attachment to the workout I was “supposed to do”)


Spy Rock

Cold and the Summer

I have a cold.  Summer colds are a particular type of awkward, sniffling and sneezing just feels different in cut-offs than it does in jeans and a sweater, plus tea and hot soup don’t have the same appeal.

Anyway.  The timing couldn’t have been better.  I am actually home for two straight weeks, something that hasn’t happened since March.  It was a whirlwind of Spring, launching straight into a full Summer.

Some of the highlights of the last several months…


This love-nugget was born to my younger sister March 5th and I got to snuggle her in May.

faith levine


And I got to spend several days at the beach with lots of family, including this sweet thing (my older sister’s daughter),


faith levine



Two summer dance highlights have been spending a week dancing (a little to) hard at the Dance Professionals Workshop at the American Dance Festival and choreographing a little segment for a music video for the band The Anatomy of Frank .

My one shot from ADF

American Dance Festival



Vegetable gardening is such a roller coaster…my garden was gorgeous in June, the prettiest ever.  By July it was a disaster zone; more bugs and pests than I’ve ever seen, less tomatoes, odd shaped cucumbers.  It still beings me total pleasure and pride to piddle around out there though, to pluck some basil, tie up a tomato vine, I even get an odd satisfaction from squashing cabbage worms who have dared infest my kale crop.




As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I’ve been traveling a lot! Since May I’ve spent time in the Northwest, Sandbridge beach, Durham, several trips to West Virginia, and…Iceland!

Iceland was cold, cool, full of waterfalls (my favorite part), desolate, and wholly unique. We camped for 8 nights in a combo backpacking trek/road trip all over that small island country.






With another month of Summer left I am looking forward to more of the wonderful same; nieces, dancing, gardening, and traveling!  Life is good.