I am feeling a plank challenge coming on…

Time to revisit the One Hour Plank!

The Plan:

5 minutes of plank variations (broken into multiple, short(ish) sets, this part is really important, there’s no way I’m holding plank for 5 straight minutes)

Multiplied by


Multiplied by

4 weeks



Who: me! you! your best friend! her boy-friend! your momma! my aunt! ;)

Why: plank works the entire body, is easy to do anywhere (like behind my desk when at the office later than expected!), and is easily modified to work with weakness, issues, and different fitness levels

What: any and all variations on plank, I’ll be re-posting workouts from last time I did the challenge as well as new variations to Facebook and instagram

When: we’ve got 4 weeks until Thanksgiving which sounds like a nice, pre/between-holidays timeline

How Long: I’m shooting for the full 5 minutes, 3 times a week, because that feels like the right amount of challenge to me but please, decide for yourself what is an attainable, healthy, challenging goal for you

Here’s my YouTube workout for Day 1’s variation, the video takes you through 90 seconds so you can repeat 2 or 3 times and fill in with plan ol’ high or low planks if you want to do 5 minutes.

I highly encourage bragging/boasting/encouraging others, the idea is that we remind and push each other to get this little mini-workout in three times a week for the next month.

And now, I will plank.

Happy Halloween! Hope your costume is more together than mine!







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Tea Time

It’s totally tea season!

I grew up on sleepytime and red zinger but dove head into a long and delicious love affair with coffee by the time I was a late teenager.

Hot coffee is now a part of nearly every morning, no matter the season or outside temps, but fall and winter still leave me loving a steamy mug of tea.

When the online retail gift store Uncommon Goods, offered to send me some products to check out and share with you, my mind naturally gravitated towards the kitchen section and I found some great tea related items.

I received the Tea To Go tea infuser and the Green Herbal Tea Kit and immediately set to work a brewing.

photo (38)

The tea kit is very sweet; little tins full of beautiful buds and an insert with recommendations for combinations.

photo (37)

My first brew was the suggested rose petal, rose green tea, jasmine, and hibiscus.

So pretty!

The Tea To Go jar is pretty cool, one side is for loose leaf tea and then you drink from the other side.  It’s made of glass with a protective rubber sheath and at 20 ounces it’s small enough to carry with me.  I’ve been wanting/needing something like this for a while.  I try to regularly drink a custom mixed tea of nettles, red clover, red raspberry, and oat straw for reproductive health and hormonal support and Tate hates it when I brew it in our french press (he swears the coffee tastes like tea).

I was giddy checking out the tea kit yesterday, the teas are all high quality and beautiful! This would be an awesome present for a tea lover.

photo (40)


Uncommon Goods was awesome to work with and I am thoroughly impressed with this company.   It’s a little bit like Etsy, they promote work from individual artists and smaller, unique companies.  My tea came with a little note about the maker;

photo (41)They donate $1 from each purchase to a non-profit of your choice (pick one of four options at checkout) and are committed to promoting an awareness of social and environmentally conscious consumerism, check out the information on B Corporation in their mission Statement.  They also have an amazing return policy (return anything anytime) and great customer service.

Gotta go make a cuppa!

P.S. Uncommon Goods gave me product but no fees were charged in regards to this post and the opinions are mine, all mine, fyi.




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