If just a week ago or so I was in full fall blah mode, I am now solidly in full fall awe.

photo (25)It certainly helps that not only are we having incredible weather here in Central Virginia but I also spent a glorious weekend in the mountains with very little on the agenda besides basking in the sunshine, eating, drinking, walking, and visiting.

It was the (totally unofficial) third not-quite-annual Babes in the Woods cabin trip!

It’s totally unofficial because there have been quite a few other camping and cabin trips with different conglomerations of this group over the last two years but it was the third time that I have been included in renting a PATC cabin and heading to the hills for the weekend with the ladies.

Here are the first and second cabin recaps.

This time we rented the Robert Humphrey cabin.  It was pretty plush compared to some of the others, it has electricity and we could drive right to it, unlike the other two which were a short hike.

Robert Humphrey Cabin

It even has “running” water in the outdoor sink (gravity fed and cold from the spring up the hill).

Robert Humphrey cabin

Saturday was full of hiking, sunshine, and leaf gazing.

After an awesome and healthy breakfast, of course.

Robert Humphrey Cabin


We partnered up to plan, shop for and prepare meals for the whole group and it was such a pleasure to get cooked delicious, hearty, and healthy meals all weekend (and fun when it was my turn on Sunday to make our group of 9 breakfast tacos).

photo (31)

photo (29)

Happy Hour, cabin-style;

Robert Humphrey Cabin

PATC cabin


I returned to town yesterday afternoon begrudgingly, all I really wanna do lately is smell like campfire smoke, drink (tea/coffee/wine), and walk or run in the woods.  *sigh*



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All About Fall

I know I’m a bit seasonally obsessed these days but it’s all around me! Everywhere I turn there are signs of fall.

Especially the garden…



I grew exactly two okra.  I don’t think this lovely plant will be taking up space in my garden again, although the flowers and height of it are pretty even without the spears to pickle.

The Red Russian kale has turned into a small bush.  It’s definitely less preferable to the tender young leaves but fills my greens need when everything else is picked over.


photo (23)

red russian kale

My poor green beans.

I managed to harvest about a dozen total, the rest were devoured by the groundhog.  Those precious beans I ate were the best I’ve ever had; tender and sweet and eaten raw a foot from the garden bed from whence they grew.

photo (24)

My sister gave me an asian greens mix seed pack for my birthday back in May.  The spring planted was started a little late and bolted pretty quick but I hit it just right for the fall (if not, as usual, to thick).

This mix is awesome, lots of different types of mustard (without fail Tate comments on how hot and spicy the greens are every time we eat them, I think he likes it).

I’m hoping that the chard and lettuce in back of this bed will keep on keeping on through the winter but if the Farmers Almanac prediction of cold months to come is correct they will be taken out with many a deep freeze.

photo (28)

The only thing left to plant this year is garlic.  I haven’t planted it for a year or two but the first year (post here) I got great scaps and the tastiest garlic ever so I think I’ll spend a few minutes shoving cloves in the earth this week.

Wherever you are, whatever the season, I hope your day is filled with fresh air, friendly folks, and a veggie or two. :)

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