I approach cooking as a type of free form expression.  

Recipes are great; they are inspirational, they are educational, often, they are beautiful, but rarely do they have a place in my kitchen.  Measuring bores me and creates extra dishes.  I like to work with what I have on hand, afterall surely yogurt can stand in for butter/sour cream/oil/milk, right?

Usually this style of kitchen improvisation works out for me and the food is delicious, nutritious, and sometimes even beautiful.  Other times I learn a thing or two about chemistry and in the end my husband eats it anyway. 😉

So why is someone who basically refuses to follow a recipe writing recipes?

Well, the truth is, I’m not.  The following links share a map of how I prepared a certain dish, or baked good, or drink.

Perhaps you will be intrigued by the method I used or the combination of flavors or the nutritional aspects.

Perhaps you will even follow my map step-by-step.

Or, if you are like me, you’ll be inspired by what I did, close the page, and let it lead you to something uniquely your own.

Essentially this is a disclaimer.

My “recipes” are far from perfect.

I rarely watch the clock when I bake so if I write that my muffins baked for 30 minutes at 375* it may have been more like 32 minutes.

Refined sugar and refined grains rarely find their way into my dishes so the texture and consistency is…different.  My baked goods are dense and doughy, not light and fluffy, and filled to the brim with nutrients.

Cooking takes natural instinct, creativity, and the ability to learn from experience.  My hope is that my “recipes” inspire you to get in the kitchen and improvise: add, subtract, substitute, make gluten free, add gluten, add more fat, add nuts, go nuts!

Read my Food Manifesto here!





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Sweet But Not Refined Chocolate Torte

sugar free ganache

Almond Delight Chocolates

Mint Bark 
After Lunch Mints

No Bake Cookies

Kitchen How-To

How To Make Yogurt

How To Prepare Beans From Scratch

Fermented Food



Asian Flavors Slaw

Butternut Sage

Classic Tofu

Grilled Onion Rings

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Cabbage and Butternut Soup

Miso Super Soup

Wonton Soup