I Train

Personal and Small Group Training

Your training session is for you.

You want a yoga class?  You’ve got it!

You want a high-intensity interval workout? No problem.

Need a running coach?  Yep, I do that too.

How about a mat Pilates session?  Sure thing.

Interested in a personalized home workout?  I’ll outline one for you and we’ll go over the exercises together.

Not sure what you want/need?  We’ll figure it out together based on your goals, lifestyle, and desire.


30 minute session $30

45 minute session $40

60 minutes session $50

Work out with a friend or two!  Training with a friend can provide reliability and extra motivation.  Add $10 per additional person for 30 minute sessions and $15 per additional person for 45 minute sessions.

I also offer training sessions in your home.  This is a great option if you have kids at home with you or would prefer to learn how to exercise in your own living room.   50 minute sessions are just $50 within 5 miles from the studio, for locations further than 5 miles travel time compensation will be negotiated.


Training sessions are available 7 days a week by advance appointment.

6 responses to “I Train

  1. Hi Faith
    i am coming to Charlottesville on Saturday with my best friend for the day. I’d loce to treat her to a yoga session. Do you have anything very low key and laid back on Saturday?

  2. I’d like to take a dance class. Do you still have classes at ACAC? Do you have dance classes at your Carlton studio?

    • Hi Beth,
      I will have classes at ACAC again starting mid-late January, can I put you on my dance email list? I only do personal training and mat Pilates at my studio because of its size.
      Thanks for asking!

  3. Is your Lean Conditioning class continuing? I don’t see it on the ACAC website.

    • gracefulfitness

      Hi, YES!! I still have my Tuesday/Thursday LC class at ACAC downtown (4:30-5:15pm). There was talk of changing the name this month but regardless the class is a dance conditioning workout and I will be back on Tuesday!
      Hope to see you in class!

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