1. Tracy

    I love the plank in your bunk bed! So resourceful Faithy!

    So glad you started this blog – it keeps me motivated to live an exciting, interesting, and healthy life!

    True to form, you 2 are the coolest people I know 🙂


  2. Love the bed plank! And i totally know what you mean about just getting started. I’m on day 15 of June Project and 10 my p90x lean routine. The motivation to get started is the hardest part. Once my body gets moving, I’m ready to go.

    The opposite is true with eating. I’ll eat and eat and eat until I am TOO full. But, if I can stop myself on time, eat slow, drink water…I find that I am satisfied so much faster than I think.

    Thanks for the posting! We need travelers like you to give us tips on healthy living for nomads around the globe!

  3. Hi Faith. I have just found your blog through looking at another blog on an Australian website Calorie King. I am an Aussie living abroad in Sweden and love to travel and eat…but bit weak on the fitness side. I have read half your blog now and its quite additive.l Your travel exercise ideas are awesome and I wont forget the Tupperware advice. I have just started writing about my experiences with weigh management and I will use your great advice to be a much fitter traveller. Thanks for the great read…I’m sure I’ll finish the whole lot and keep an eye on it for more 🙂

    Cheers from Sweden

    • Thank you so much for this great feedback! I really appreciate knowing what appeals to you about gracefulfitness and that you found it in Sweden, isn’t the internet a glorious thing? I hope you keep reading and keep being inspired to incorporate exercise into your travels.

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