1. Corinne Penka

    oh, my sweet faithie. i absolutely love your blog. not only is super-informative and wonderfully personal, it gives such a colorful and clear portrait of your experiences abroad. i can totally relate to being an “emotional eater.” i think a lot of my problems, too, stem from an inability to actively apply the knowledge and desires i have regarding good food. my default is snacking and bad choices. honestly, my only saving grace is the fact that i move as much as i do.

    in any event, i commend you for focus and drive. i know you probably have quite a hefty bank of fun exercises to choose from as you travel, but here’s one i’ve been doing lately that targets the whole and feels fantastic. i’ve dubbed it the spiderman push-up (you’ve probably done it, but if not, here you go!): perform a regular push-up, then bring your right knee to your side, keeping the thigh parallel to the ground; alternate legs after each push-up. imagine that you’re scaling a building to flee a supervillain and it makes it even more fun!

    love your guts and can’t to talk to you when you return!

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