1. I have a couple new favorite push-ups thanks to the P90X routine (dude. i sound like an infomercial for them, but I’m NOT. i just like their workouts!).

    The first is called Stagger Arm/Stacked Foot pushups. Regular push-up position with one foot stacked on the other. One arm is out under the shoulder (let’s say you’re starting with your left hand out). That arm does a normal push-up with the elbow bending out to the side. The right-hand (for this example) is closer to the ribs and the elbow goes back when you lower more like a yoga chatturanga. Do five reps and switch to right-hand under the shoulder, elbow out and left hand close to the ribs like chatturanga.

    The second push-up I like from the workout is reach high and under push-ups. You do a regular push-up and then roll over into a side plank (balancing on one arm, keep the hips up). Reach the top arm way up into the sky and then fold it under your raised hips in front of your belly like you’re going to scratch your back, reach high again and place the hand back down. Repeat the push-up and reach high/low sequence on the other side.

    Blessed be for great arms and shoulders!

    • Thanks for these great ideas. The first one I have seen in magazines before but have been avoiding it so this is good motivation to give it a go. The second one I love and is a good reminder to put it in regularly. I really want to try P90x! How is it going for you?
      Thanks for reading and all the great comments!

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