*cough, cough*

Well I seem to have overdone it.  Liquid energy in the form of green tea before my run on Thursday may have been a bad idea.  Or maybe it’s the stifling humidity paired with going in and out of AC all day.  Whatever it is, I feel run down.  My throat is still very sore and is now accompanied by a hacking cough and a runny nose.  Yeah, not a pretty sight.

Sleeping in a different bed every few nights doesn’t help much either.  Last night was spent on the train, which wasn’t so bad really.  We got on at 7pm, ate a bit, read a bit, slept.  Got off at 6:50 this morning in Wuhan.  Trains are generally very timely here in China.

I love traveling.  It’s one of my favorite things.  But it can be very draining and with 10 days left to go I am starting to transition into thinking about my life back in the U.S.   My thoughts are turning more and more to Portland and our big move coming up.  My goal is to stay present and really savour this last week of being abroad.

We have an old friend from West Virginia here in Wuhan and he and his girl-friend showed us around this afternoon.

We climbed to the top of a hill for a city view and went to a veg restaurant at a Taoist temple for lunch.

We had a variety of “fake meat” dishes.  Wheat gluten? Soy? I dunno but they were tasty.  Here’s our appetizer platter.  I meant to take more pictures but I got busy eating!

Later on Tate and I went into a REAL GROCERY STORE!  All I have seen since April has been convenience stores chock full of candy and candy posing as crackers or breads. 

As I have mentioned, Chinese food can be overly salty and overly oily.

The oil section! And that’s not all of it!

The soy sauce AISLE!

And, of course, the SUGAR!


We are eating in tonight!  Well, sort off, Lucas and Guilia are having us over to their apartment.  It’s been too long since I have cooked a meal!