June Wrap Up

Time to take a look back at my June Goals and see how things went.

Well, first of all, my goals flew out the window for the last week of the month because the s*it really hit the fan with my health during this time.

I really enjoyed my goals this month and they felt very manageable while still occasionally a bit of a challenge.  I wasn’t looking for big changes or big challenges physically this month.  The goals were a way to help keep me on track and consistent during a really crazy travel month.

The abs/arms daily challenge worked out beautifully.  I saw increased strength and definition in both areas of my body.  I began to crave my mini workouts and stop at nothing to fit them into my day.   And fitting them in was so simple it felt silly to skip it.  I spent an average of 10 minutes daily.  The addition of the “Push Up Variation Challenge” was really fun also.   As soon as I am feeling strong enough I plan to get back to my daily abs/arms.

Next on my June Goals is to limit refined sugar.  I feel only mildly successful at this one.   As I have mentioned a hundred times, China LOVES their sugar, second only to white rice and noodles.  There were some things that I ate that I didn’t consider “sugar” items because of other beneficial properties, like yogurt.   Then there were the gray areas, like when I wanted some crackers or bread only to discover after buying that they were loaded with sugar.  There were a few times though when I really wanted some ice cream but convinced myself that I didn’t want to consume that much sugar.

The food and exercise journal was helpful and I felt I was able to remain diligent to keeping record.  There were a few times when I waited until the end of the day or even the next morning to record food and I had a harder time than expected remembering exactly what I ate.  My favorite way to food journal is to write my meal down as I sit down to eat it, when I can take a moment to really look at the quantity and quality of food I am about to eat.

My running goals went out the window as soon as they were made but I had some really great runs in the first half of the month.

June was a crazy month and all things considered I feel good about the way my goals played out.

“there’s plans and then there’s life!”