1. Diana

    Darling in retrospect you might see this as the meal that “broke” the world traveler’s “back”(kidneys, gall bladder etc.) how many people’s chop sticks dipped into how many dishes and “shared” Also may be to consider the gall bladder influence Fats and oil like you spoke of could challenge the healthiest of gall bladders. Olive oil(1/2 tsp) with a half a lemon squeezed into it first thing in the am is a time honored liver/gall bladder flush. There is also a sad truth the healthier, cleaner greener you usually eat the harder it is to handle the occasional unhealthy “treat”

  2. Diana

    Faithy PS the kind of pain you were in does sound like it could have been a “gall bladder attack” on top of the flu and kidney infection no wonder you have felt so bad. Give yourself plenty of time to recover love mom

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