She can be taught!

This morning I took the lessons learned from these last few weeks of Mission Get Moving and got moving first thing.

I hit the front porch at my papa’s house for a little early morning yoga followed by Pilates.  Well, early morning for me these days and, as you can see, it was quite foggy which added to the early feel.

Next it was out to the garden before the late summer sun burned through the fog and heated up to the predicted 93 degrees.

Todays harvest included corn (for corn relish, corn chowder, and frozen off the cob) and more grapes (for juice and perhaps sorbet).

And check out this gorgeousness hiding in the back recesses of the garden.

Fresh from the garden, still a bit muddy!  I LUV all types of winter squash. These bright orange beauties are called Red Kuri and I hope to try them for dinner tonight.  My absolute favorite type is Delacata but they don’t seem as popular here as they are in the Northwest.

Last night I made mashed potatoes with fresh dug taters, a bit of yogurt, rosemary, dill, olive oil, salt, pepper, and fresh garlic.  Today I turned the leftovers into chard-potato cakes.

I added chopped raw chard, salt, pepper, dill, and eggs to make these patties.  Honestly, they were a little blah.  I would try them again but add much more fresh garlic and some chopped onions.

Last night I went on an awesome 55 minute run on a hilly country road.   I have only been back to running for a month after taking a 6 week break due to illness and 55 minutes is a long run for me these days.  A 10k is in my fall plans so I need to work up to hour-long runs within the next month.

Good news update: my grandmother is still in the hospital but doing much better and…our nephew was born this morning!  Tate’s brother’s wife gave birth to a healthy boy and we are all so thrilled.  We’ll meet him tomorrow!  Yea for expanding family and little bitty babies!

Time for a catnap and a run.  I haven’t been sleeping well for the last two weeks and by late afternoon I feel like I am just bidding my time until it’s late enough to go to bed.  The stress of the house negotiations and the move to Charlottesville are weighing on me and everything is even more challenging when I am underslept!  A 20 minute lay down and a 40 minute run should set me right. 🙂