Captain’s Challenge

Happy Saturday!

I am gearing up for an action packed day.  Well, I won’t actually be involved  in most of the action but it’s still exciting, Tate is doing Captain Thurmond’s Challenge today!  This triathlon is 28.5 miles of biking, whitewater kayaking, and running.   Relay teams are a popular option but not for my hubs, he is a one man team!  The run at the end is 8.5 miles with the first 5.5 miles uphill!  The Challenge is in Fayetteville, West Virginia, a town where we lived for the summers from 1998-2001 while working as whitewater raft guides, it’s going to be fun to spend the day there.

This is his first triathlon and I have no doubt he is going to ROCK IT!

This morning I made Tate a huge bowl of oats and then snuck in a 12 minute yoga session while my hard boiled eggs were cooking.  Brief but effective, I was correct in Thursdays prediction that I would be SORE and the yoga really warmed me up for the day.

It’s an arms day for me.  I am working to get back on my daily arms/abs, I was derailed a few times over the last two months due to illness.  In my car, aka my closet, I keep this great weight set that I bought at the Salvation Army last week.

Have weights, will travel!  So today I plan to fit in some exercises while waiting for Tate at one of the transition areas.

Have a great day!

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