Slow and Steady

Alrighty, 1 out of 4 runs and 1 out of 5 yoga sessions for the week complete!

This mornings run was a doozy!  I think it was a combination of factors.  It was HOT, I have been stepping up my workouts all week so I am a bit fatigued, and I am past due for new running shoes.  I stuck it out for a sloooow 35 minutes and returned “home” sweaty and happy to be done! (and looking a bit goofy 🙂 )

I love running in the morning.  Running makes me feel so good that it’s awesome to take advantage of that feeling all day long.  A 5k and 10k are in the works for this fall, I’ll let you know when I officially start training.

Post-run I hit the porch for YOGA!  My mom’s house has this great big front porch that is screened from the road by potted plants and bushes, it’s a fabulous place for yoga.

I was feeling nice and cardio’d and stretched out when it was time for my ab workout.  I wasn’t feeling so motivated on my own so I grabbed the laptop and did three routines from Exercise TV.  Exercise TV is GREAT!  You can do loads of workouts online, everything from 2 minute abs to full-length yoga sessions.  Love it!  It’s a great way to use exercise dvd’s yet change it up all the time.

Tomorrow is a run, arms, and yoga day.


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