Daisy’s Last Days

I had best intentions to blog yesterday, I really did.  I prefer not to miss more than one day but before I knew it the clock read 8pm and I was covered in tomatoes and sweat and wiped out.  Oh but look what I (well, in all fairness, Tate and I) produced

That would be tomato vegetable soup in the big jars and salsa in the small jars.

Into the soup went

  • loads of tomatoes*
  • cabbage*
  • corn*
  • peppers*
  • chard*
  • basil*
  • onions*
  • flat leaf parsley*
  • salt, pepper, celery seed powder

*all straight from the garden!

It’s going to be a good winter 🙂

The last two days were challenging.  Daisy the dog is dying.  I found her yesterday in the basement barely able to move.  After slurping down some ibuprofen-laced milk she regained some life but it is obvious that she is slipping away.

Death is an extremely intense event and it was really hard to literally watch her life slipping away from her.

I am not a big animal lover in general but occasionally a specific dog or cat will capture my heart and Daisy is one of the few.  I will miss her presence a lot.

Here’s a recap of Tuesday and Wednesday at the beach.

Tuesday turned out to be a rest day.  I was feeling a bit off after a really bad nights sleep and we kept having to run out to sign more paperwork for our NEW HOUSE.  I did take a lovely 3.5 mile pre-dinner walk with Tate and a short post-dinner walk with the fam.

Speaking of dinner, Tate and I made ceviche and pisco sours in honor of our Peruvian friend Jorge.

Pisco is a clear grape brandy, a Pisco Sour is the Peruvian take on a margarita.

Jorge is my dear friend Rachel’s husband and he moved to the United States yesterday on his brand new green card.  I am so happy for them!  It was a crazy stressful process and they spent the last 10 months doing the long distance thing with her in Columbus and him in Lima.  Congratulation and bienvenidos!  (Now I just need to get them to move to Charlottesville, hehehe)

Wednesday morning was another early one.  By 6:30am I was on the back porch watching sunrise, drinking coffee, and gearing myself up for my run.

It was an early morning for my pops also, by the time I was up he was already halfway through his sun salutations.

I am proud to be a third generation American yogi.  My dad’s dad discovered yoga around 60 years ago and practiced from a book every morning in his Long Island bedroom before commuting into the city for work.  At 93 he still attends classes on a regular basis (savasana is definitely his favorite these days 🙂 ).  Growing up both my parents did yoga and I have early memories of sitting on the side of the studio listening to my mom’s soothing voice as she guided her class through postures.

I also come from a family of great eaters.  This is Cai, my stepsister’s son and a man after my own heart with his melon and oats.

The stars (or actually the rising sun and setting moon) must have aligned Wednesday morning for my run because I felt awesome!  Correction, I felt awesome for the first half.  I ran North about two miles  feeling strong and fast and contemplating throwing in some sprints.  Well the sprints never happened because as soon as I turned around to run back I was nearly stopped in my tracks by a strong headwind.  Turns out I had been pushed up the beach and now had to struggle against the wind to return home.  I was certainly slower on the return but it was still a great run.

Yesterday was another rest day, which means that I am slacking in the yoga and abs/arms area of Mission Get Moving this week.  Oh well, I was still on my feet all day.  Today i got moving with a great 40 minute run.  I had great company too, Tate and two dogs :).

Now it is off to the West Virginia State Fair.  Look for some pictures of “what not to eat” and “what not to wear” in tomorrow’s post (oh, I am so mean).


  1. Very cool re: your family’s involvement to yoga. I haven’t fallen in love with yoga (yet?), but can admire your devotion. 🙂

    You are not allowed to put cotton candy on the “what not to eat” list. That’s one of the best things about going to the fair! LOL

  2. papa

    As life moves, we returned home to the farm Saturday and found Daisy quite normal looking, old dog that she is. Up and about, ready for a brushing.

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