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  1. Cristina

    Rachel and I thought of you at the indiana state fair on Sunday. We were pretty good, just had a pork sandwich and snuck in some fried pickles which we both shared. I had an ear of corn but I seriously could hacve done without the stick of butter melted on top. I have to admit I think we would have indulged a bit more if it weren’t for both of our husband’s face of disgust fog all the died food at the fair!

    Luv reading your blog. I need the inspiration now that I got the green light to exercise from the doctor. I have 10 pounds I need to lose plus any extra to make sure I fit in my clothes again. My first day was yesterday so I walked 3 miles. Major improvement from just weeks ago when a block was a struggle. Abs are on the agenda everyday as are arms. Luckily baby Nico helps me out getting my arm workout. My arms are starting to look really toned without even trying.
    I have to praise the benefitS of massage. I have developed carpel tunnel in both wrists and the are both pretty twisted from carrying the baby. Today i had a massage and felt a great release in one wrist Sweet satisfaction. Wishing I could do this everyday so I can feel normal again.
    Im ready to get back to normal but I know that I will need all the inspiration possible. The csection recovery is not so easy. I have random strong pains still and the epidural location feels like a big bruise. This combbed with carpel tunnel in both wrists, havinga throat infection starting specifically the day I was told I can exercise and plus my sweet tooth is not a great combo. So thank you for the blog! I will check in often so I can get inspired to keep myself in check

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