Today’s been good eatin’!  I have a clean diet and eat well everyday but meals are occasionally a bit bland or boring.  Today has been delicious!  I started the day off with a bowl of plain yogurt accompanied by half a peach, cinnamon, a few chopped pecans, and chia seeds.  It is an awesome combo.

Lunch was one of my new favorite things.

Scrambled eggs with pesto!  These particular eggs also had loads of chard so they were double green goodness.  Paired with a piece of fresh picked corn on the cob, it made an awesome summer lunch.

For dessert I had a small cup of coffee with vanilla soymilk and a glass of cold nettle tea.

In between meals I did a Kathy Smith yoga dvd.

This is actually the yoga that got me hooked way back when I was 17 or so.  My mom had it on VHS and one day I gave it a whirl. I grew up around yoga but was never convinced (especially not by the Kundalini classes that I tried with my sis and pops when I was 15) until I tried this routine.  It really clicked with my personality and what my body needed at that time and from there my love of yoga has grown and grown.  Speaking of yoga, yesterdays class went really well.  It was SO MUCH FUN to teach again!  I need to get a job.  But first I need to move to Charlottesville.

I also hit the road for a 35 minute run this morning.  There have been times in my life when a 35 minute run was barely a warm-up but these days I am focusing on consistency rather than distance or crazy endurance. 

After lunch I was feeling a bit idle so I decided to make some pear butter with these delectable things.

There is always food processing to do around here in August and I am really enjoying turning the garden goodies into treats for the winter.  It is an abundant year for the pears and apples and they are delicious!  I see more fruit butter in my future because as it bubbles away on the stove downstairs it smells AMAZING.  I added cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom but no sugar is necessary with these guys.

Tonight’s kitchen challenge is pizza making!  I have never actually made homemade pizza all by myself and to be honest, making dough kinda scares me.  But I am up for the challenge!

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