First of all, I can’t wait until we get internet at our house!  It could, unfortunately, be a few more days.  When Tate went to sign up with Comcast they couldn’t find our address!  As in, our house doesn’t exist in their system!  This was Friday, obviously nothing happened over the weekend and apparently the supervisor will be back tomorrow so hopefully we will be CONNECTED by Wednesday at the latest.

Second of all, I had an awesome run this morning.  I ran for an hour straight and felt strong and refreshed afterward.  Running is really doing it for me lately, and as soon as I finish this post I am going to sign up for a few races this fall.  I was particularly impressed with myself this morning because I barely slept last night, goes to show that I needed a bit of a week off last week!

Mission Get Moving

Week Five

  • 4 Runs (speed work!)
  • 4 Classes (starting a week trial at Gold’s tomorrow!)
  • Dance Class

This day has flown by and we are going to go see Ralph Nader speak tonight so better keep moving!