1. Hi there! Just found your blog off of Kath’s blog : ) I live in Portland right now and feel the same way that you do/did about the city. My husband and I have really grown to like living here, but eventually we plan to move back to Kansas where all of our family is.

    Quick question: What were your favorite things to do in Portland? Any tips while we’re still in the area? Hope you have a good day,

    Dana : )

    • Hi Dana,
      Thanks for checking out Gracefulfitness!
      Ahhh, Portland…
      Have you been to Sauvie Island yet? I used to go out there once a week in the summer to get out of the city and pick whatever berries were in season at the U-picks. This time a year is still great to go get some pumpkins and shop at Kruger’s farm stand. And it’s just so gorgeous out there any time of year.
      I worked at Yoga Pearl for years and so I am partial to their classes and ambiance if you are into yoga.
      Hiking in the Gorge is one of my favorite activities EVER and my favorite hike there is the loop from Multnomah Falls to Wahkeena Falls, it’s about 6 miles maybe and once you get above Multnomah Falls it is super quiet.
      For urban hiking I used to go to start at Lower Mcleay Park and head up towards Pittock Mansion.
      I could go on and on so let me know if you want more!
      My favorite date night restaurant was Farm Cafe

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