10,000 and Counting

Something exciting happened to Gracefulfitness as I lay asleep last night.

It reached over 10,000 hits!

I started this blog in the end of May as a way to have a project while traveling the world.  My life had been inconsistent and I had a strong desire for continuity and a connection with other people (besides my incredible husband and other travelers).  I didn’t even realize at the time that my approach to eating, attitude towards food, and my body image had been slowly shifting for the last year or so. (more on that later)

Blogging immediately became an infatuation and is growing into a full blown love affair, one that has long-term relationship potential :).  While writing a blog is certainly a bit self-indulgent and self-serving, one of the best aspects of it is making the connection with others who share similar life paths.  And so I thank you for reading Gracefulfitness and helping me stay committed to this daily practice of self-reflection and writing.


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