I Admit…

I have something to admit.

I am OBSESSED with my body.

There I said it.

And so should you.

I exhibit seriously obsessive behavior when it comes to nourishing my body with wholesome foods, bathing it regularly, dressing it with flattering and weather appropriate clothing, nursing it when it is under the weather, exercising it so it stays strong and limber, and letting it rest.

Of course I am obsessed with my body, I have lived in it for 29 years and we plan on spending many more together!

My body is my vehicle.

My body is my temple.

My body is my home.

I am completely obsessed with my body.

When it comes to body obsession issues I think that the greatest tragedy lies not with our own personal body obsessions but with our obsession of other (women’s) bodies. As women MANY of us are accustomed to a small (or large) obsession with comparing ourselves to other women, their size, shape, smell, hair color, choice of dessert, choice of no dessert, exercise routine, the list goes on and on.   For example, a study recently came out that women are more likely to eat a higher number of calories if they are dining with a “skinny” friend than with a “heavy” one.  What does your friends body size have to do with your calorie intake? This is the time to be a little selfish people, focus on YOUR body, not that of your dining companion.  Believe me, I have fallen trap many times to social eating issues but please hear me when I tell you that if someone gets offended about your eating preferences it is THEIR own issue they need to work through, not yours.

And so I urge you, let’s compliment each other, let’s admire each other, let’s inspire each other, but please, let’s stop obsessing over each others bodies and instead practice a healthy obsession with our own bodies.


    • You’re right Jenny, I do love my body. I love that it did a yoga class today, I love that it ran a marathon, I love that it is strong and disease free, I love that most days it allows me to do whatever it is I need to do. I don’t always love the way that it looks in a bikini or jeans but overall I love this body. Lately I am choosing to focus on what my body IS rather than what it’s not (and maybe never will be).
      All my best to you on your path!

  1. That’s just….awesome.
    Not enough words for that. Being obessessed with our bodies is not a problem….being obsessed with other people’s bodies or trying to change our own IS.

    I LOVE reading your blog and am so glad to have found it…..I actually came across it through the MC article yuckdom…so if there is ONE good thing that came out of it…it is really pulling the community together and I have found a lot of great blogs.


  2. I think we all succumb to this in social situations ( I know I do ) but also know that when I listen to my internal cues and not external temptations. Thank you for writing this post and reminding me to be more mindful.

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