Before falling asleep last night I asked Tate to “please do me a favor and go for a run with me when I get home from work tomorrow evening, I’m not going to want to go and I need you to help motivate me”.  Well, I was right, I really did not want to go running at 6:15pm after being super busy and on my feet for 8.5 hours at the orchard (I sat for 15 minutes to eat my lunch).  Tate gave me a quick pep talk like a good husband but I was not convinced and after I shot him down twice he conceded that dinner sounded really good. So much for that strategy on my part.  Maybe it will work next time, you know, when I am not so tired and hungry ;).

Now I have moved on to dessert.

Homemade plain yogurt topped with a spoon of blueberry syrup and two walnuts from a jar of “brie topping”.  So satisfying.

Had I run this evening, I would’ve actually fulfilled week 4 of MISSION: 10k PR (under 55 minutes).  As it stands, I don’t think I ever completed all of my goals set out for any week.  Oh well, sometimes it is best to over-plan, aim high, and all that.  Obviously my training worked because I beat my goal PR by 3 minutes!

The rest of yesterday was all about family and the gorgeous fall day.  I spent some good QT with my dad, stepmom, 2 brothers-in-law, 2 sisters-in-law, a niece, and a nephew, whew!

Throughout the afternoon I walked about four miles, bringing my daily total up to 10 miles covered on foot.  No wonder I am tired this evening!

Work at the orchard was nice and busy today, the time flew!  I always prefer to be busy at a customer service job like this, otherwise you have to keep busy with menial tasks and the time drags on.

Time for bed!  I would adore a good 10 hours of sleepytime.

Good night!