1. Heather

    I completely understand!! I totally get caught up in my workout routine as well as my calories-in vs. calories-out ratio. I think I would probably choose dancing as well, I used to do ballet full-time and I miss it. Dancing is a great workout and the best part is, you could do it forever and never do the same comination twice!

  2. Amanda

    Hey Faith! Remember me from Lima? I was a caretaker for Teresa.
    How wonderful to stumble upon your beautiful blog. I love it!
    I’ve been wanting to make some Kimchi, and this is just the inspiration I needed. I thinking of a Spring tonic version by adding Nettles. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas. Lima was so long ago, but I do miss the Ceviche and the falafels from the old man (Alma cafe?) at the Farmer’s market.
    Say hello to Tate for me! Glad to hear you two are well. I live in Portland now, studying plant medicine and loving it!

    Rays of Sunshine,

    • gracefulfitness

      Hi Amanda! Of course I remember you (very fondly 🙂 ). I was just in PDX last month, shoot, it would have been lovely to catch up.
      Tate and I are both addicted to Kimchi, it’s stinky but oh-so-good and nettles would be an awesome addition!
      I miss the BioFeria too! Such a nice scene…
      Did you really stumble on the blog? Did you find it thru Facebook?

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