What Time Is It?

I thought I was so prepared for Daylight Savings today!

All week I reminded myself that “Sunday is the day we change the clocks”.  It was especially important that I get it right because I have to work today.  Alas, I still didn’t get it right!  The alarm read 7:50am when I turned it off but when I turned the computer on it read 6:50am, better early than late I suppose.

Now I have lots of time for yoga this morning! And maybe a quick run…the heavy frost is deterring my outside motivation but hopefully I will feel differently after a cup of tea or two.

Last night it was me and the boys for dinner.

I think they were enjoying their bread and soup from the looks of those full cheeks!  From left to right Matt, Tate, Gavin (Tate’s brother who lives here).

Matt brought over a loaf of homemade bread fresh from the oven.  It was DELICIOUS! Doughy but not dense inside and chewy and crisp outside.  This man knows his yeast!  He also brought a bottle of mead he made last year for samples.  Mead is honey wine and it was good as well, the kind of thing I enjoy for a few sips but would never drink glass after glass of.

I made a red lentil soup for dinner.  It was good but nothing special, although the addition of smoked paprika did help bring it up a notch or two (and promoted Matt to say “this sure smells like it has meat in it”).  Smoked paprika is my new favorite spice, it has so much flavor.

As the soup simmered on the stove I happened across this article on lentils from Calorie Count.  It is a good reminder to eat these quick cooking legumes regularly.

Doh, just burned the quinoa I was cooking for breakfast!  I better attend to the kitchen and wafts of smoke pouring out of it.


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