Lettuce Spray

Sheesh.  I’ve been awake for over an hour and a half and haven’t gotten out of bed yet!  Here’s why…

Special delivery from my amazing husband!  The most romantic acts EVER are those that are provoked straight from the heart, not due to a birthday or other obligation.

But alas, the coffee is long gone and it is time to get moving!  I mean really moving, I want to run, strength train, and practice yoga today but I can’t decide what order.  My entire workout will probably be just over an hour, 20 minutes strength, 20 minutes yoga, 35 minutes run?  Something like that.

Are you working out today?  What is your FAVORITE exercise these days?  For me I think it’s yoga.  Which is fitting, with my MISSION: 5 for 5 yoga in it’s 3rd week.

Time to seize this gorgeous day.  I will leave you with this to ponder