Small Planet

I am looking forward to going home tomorrow.

But I am sad to leave Florida and my amazing grandparents!  A return trip will be in order soon.

My grandfather’s recovery is going really well, his doctor said he is ahead of schedule!  He is so pleasant to the staff at the rehab that I really believe they are going to be sad to see him go (although, of course, they will be very happy for him to be going home!).

It’s been really lovely to spend all of this one on one time with my grandmother, she has taught me nearly everything I know about ettiquette and she is an inspiration in a thousand ways.

Today started with a great workout.  I ran a mile to the gym as a warm-up, then jumped on the elliptical for 27 minutes, followed by a strength workout with heavy weights.  I only use 3 and 5 pounders at home and it was fun to go heavy for a day.  Wasting all of that electricity on the elliptical made me feel just a little guilty but it was just what I needed, I spaced out reading US Weekly but still worked hard.

My afternoon was filled with chubby little baby thighs!  My dear friend Cristina came from West Palm Beach and brought her son for me to meet.

He is the sweetest thing!  And adorable!

Cristina and I became friends when I first arrived in Lima.  Her husband is Peruvian and they lived there for about two years.  We quickly became great friends and double dated with them regularly.  I am so happy our friendship has stood the test of another continent!

I am getting picked up at 5:50am for my jaunt back home so it is time to get packing!