Plum Tuckered

I really wanted to blog last night after work.  Really.  But I got caught up in tastier endeavors.

On my way home I called Tate and asked him not to laugh at me and to help me carry stuff in from the car when I got home.  In the back of my car were these


No kidding.

So I set about making these

That would be spiced peach-plum sauce.  It’s the end of the season at the orchard so rather than land in the dumpster it came home with me!   In addition to the BOXES of plums (pluots?), I also came home with a box of butternut squash, 4 GALLON bags of frozen peaches, a bushel of apples, 3 gallons of cider, and 2 pie pumpkins.  I bought the last 3 items but the rest of the fruit poundage we’ll call my end of the year bonus!

By the time I got through dealing with all of it I was plum tuckered out!

But I wanted to blog last night.  I wanted to tell you about my morning run.  3.56 miles in 36 degrees at 7:00am.  Cold is actually preferable running weather for me lately, I feel quicker and more energized.

Work zipped by because, being the end of the season, there is lots of cleaning and organizing to be done.  I did manage to pause for a nice lunch in the orchard.

A mug full of pumpkin chili topped with Greek Yogurt.  The chili is leftover from September when we had Matt and Kath over for dinner the first time!  Don’t worry, it was frozen.

I have SO much to do before I leave for work in 30 minutes! Yikes! Tate is riding his bike to the orchard to meet me when I get off so we can head straight to West Virginia and LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN!

Any ideas about what to do with all this fruit?  Especially the plums…


    • I brought them 2 full boxes! That’s in addition to the 4 boxes I brought home! Plum overload. I just put them in cranberry sauce and debated adding them to the stuffing but thought better of it. 🙂

  1. […] chocolate and peanut were too distracting!  For the peach yogurt, I used frozen peaches from my last day at the orchard (we had 5 gallon bags of them in our freezer!).  Both yogurts were good but I wish I would have […]

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