Mmmmm. Leftovers.

Gosh today flew by!

And apparently it’s winter now.  I woke up to snow!

Well, actually I woke up to rain but it quickly turned to big, fat, flakes of SNOW!  I love a good snowy day, especially one where you don’t have big ambitions/intentions and you can just cosy up with a plate of leftovers, a pot of coffee, and family.

The sun came out and but it didn’t warm up much as the day went on.  I found this out the hard way when I headed out on my morning run at 3pm.  Like I said the other day, I really do enjoy running in cold weather, I just wasn’t mentally prepared for it today because it looked sunny and warm…I guess that last statement gives it away that it was 3pm and I hadn’t yet left the house. 🙂

The benefits of running around here outweigh the risks, but damn those dogs!

Just to be clear, I like dogs.  I really do.  But not these dogs.  It seems like every house around here has at least 3 dogs who are trained to go for the kill if you so much as look at their property.  These are West Virginia guard dogs.

Just to be clear, although I do pick up rocks when I approach a house with unleashed dogs I have NO intention of hitting the dogs with the gravel.  I do sometimes throw it at the ground many feet short of the attacker.  But I never aim to hit, no matter how ferocious their bark.  That would be animal abuse, which is bad.  Very bad.

I ran for 50 minutes or just over 5 miles and returned to the comforts of the casa for 30 minutes of vinyasa yoga.

So good.

To my delight, my sister just returned from the Redbox with Sex in the City 2! I know the reviews are bad but I loved the first on and I’ve been wanting to see this since it came out.

To my dismay, I may have broke my memory card reader thus NO PICTURES! Crap.  I shall fix this soon but for now I am “stuck” in the country.



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