1. I love that quote. thank you for sharing it. Good luck with getting everything set up 🙂 My dad is a chiropractor so I am always cheering on other people going into alternative medicine. It is great that you will be able to add to the experience with your expertise.

  2. Wow!
    You should be very proud of yourself.
    I look forward to hearing about your
    new business adventure. It does sound like
    a huge undertaking, but a good one at that.
    Good luck and have fun with it.
    Your passion for it speaks a lots, I am sure
    it will be a success!

  3. Kerri

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. You don’t know me personally but we have connections… Tates mother helped deliver my first child at home and I “think” your dad used to come to my dad who was a chiropractor in Greenville (Bob Sandell). Just wanted to let you know I did chiropractic insurance billing for about 10 years, so if you ever need help with a question as you get started let me know. Again the path that you and Tate are taking is great and so is your blog. Shay and I are friends on facebook and thats how I saw your blog.:)

    • Thanks for making the connection, that’s great! You’re right, my dad used to see Dr. Sandell!
      If your offer is serious than I will definitely take you up on insurance questions, we are wading into unchartered territory for us.
      Thanks again!

  4. Kerri

    As I have been following along on your blog and enjoying it, I also feel like a kindred spirit, that’s why I wanted to offer help if you guys needed some questions answered or got stuck and it was something I could help with. I ssume you have my email when I posted this, if you do just contact me through it.

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