I like Thursdays.

I’ve always liked Thursdays.

And today was no exception.

Today was delightfully filled with…

A 4.5 mile run on this gorgeous trail


(Obviously this picture was not from today.  Today it was 35 degrees when I started running. :0 )

Kimchee making

Chocolate eating

(Leftover from Halloween, it’s been wrapped in plastic in the freezer and I think it’s gotten even better!)

Gift getting

Good eating

Healthy snacking


And just a little dancing in the dining room!

The fun continues with a dinner date with new friends!

As an old boss once said “Thursday is the new Friday”.



  1. It sort of looks like you live in Korea…with your kimchi making and persimmons.
    December is kimchi making month here in Korea, as it is the best season
    for cabbage. Women choose one day/weekend to gather and make their kimchi supply for the year. I asked my co-teacher how many cabbages her mother uses and she said around 65…Wow!

    • I haven’t actually eaten that much kimchi that wasn’t my own but I’ve really enjoyed having it around. And I really do believe that I’ve noticed a difference in my immune system health and digestion from eating more fermented food.
      P.s. It does kind of stink sometimes when you make it! Especially if you put a lot of garlic in like I did with this batch!

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