Mmmmm, Peach-Apple-Oat Muffin with homemade vanilla yogurt (bottom) and peach yogurt (right side).

I don’t even think I mentioned the peach yesterday, the chocolate and peanut were too distracting!  For the peach yogurt, I used frozen peaches from my last day at the orchard (we had 5 gallon bags of them in our freezer!).  Both yogurts were good but I wish I would have combined them and made a stevia sweetened peach vanilla.

Something kinda annoying happened with the peanut and the chocolate, they separated!


Before stirring them up I tried the top part.

This is the peanut.  It gets a B+ for consistency and an A- for taste.  The peanut flour made it just the tiniest bit gritty.

The chocolate gets an A for taste!  So good.  Once I stirred them up they got runny, just as I’d feared.  I like my yogurt thick and practically chewable.  I will probably go ahead and strain the peanut and chocolate for a greek yogurt like consistency.

Overall I am very pleased with my results.  I am already dreaming up new flavors for next time, imagine a chai yogurt, or a mocha with instant coffee and cocoa?  Oh, the possibilities!

It’s a little early in the day for my next topic but I am to excited to wait until happy hour to share it with you.

Here’s a hint.

No! I am NOT drinking already!

I just received a delivery of wine!

I am a total sucker for a “good deal” and this wine was just that.  Somehow Zagat Wine Club preyed on this weakness (with a flyer? an e-mail?  I don’t even remember now) and we both came out winners!

Zagat was offering an intro offer of a mixed case (red and white) of 12 different wines + 3 bonus bottles of Rioja for $70.  S+H is another $20 so I ended up paying an average of $6 a bottle for wines that usually go for $13-25 a bottle.

I am especially excited about these two.

Both generally sell for $15.99 a bottle and have gotten EXCELLENT reviews!  I have a special fondness for Malbec after spending a month in Argentina this Spring.

I am stocked up for the holidays and beyond, that’s for sure!

It’s another cold and clear day out there and I am determined to get out into the fresh air for a few hours mid-day.  I need to soak up that vitamin D!  But first, I will do Pilates and finish my exam. (The power of putting things in the positive, “I WILL!”)

Are you a sucker for a deal?  Are there certain items that you CANNOT pass up when on sale (even if you have plenty of it at home!)?

P.S.  If you are interested in ordering from Zagat let me know, I get a bonus for referrals ;).


  1. I love a good sale! Somethings you just can’t pass up.
    I totally think you should make the chai yogurt…sounds so good!
    I wonder what green tea yogurt sweetened with honey would be like…
    maybe like a green tea latte?

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