1. papa

    The yogurt writeup brings to mind how when you were growing up on Sassafras Ridge Farm, our Jersey cow and herd of goats provided the fresh milk for making yogurt, butter, ice cream and cheeses. Some of the yogurt was packed into blue plastic pints for sale at our community coop natural foods store, the New River Trading Company, as well as gallon jars of our farm fresh milk. This past spring I started making yogurt again, although the milk was not quite as local. The MacKenzie farm is about ten miles away.

    • I have the Euro Cuisine and LOVE IT. It’s super simple and turns out great results. As you probably read, it was a hand-me-down from a friend. If I was going to buy one I would get one that makes bigger batches, I think there are ones that make a few quarts at a time, but you may like the idea of 7 little 6 oz jars. If you eat yogurt regularly it is totally worth it and it’s a cost saving and environmentally friendly choice!

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