1. Bekah

    Had an argument with myself this morning about whether I was going to drive the 30 minutes it takes to get to the group interval class series I purchased on Livingsocial. The side of me that was screaming, “Do it!” won. I’ll be heading out in a half hour.

  2. Leslie

    I’m a runner and I do some bootcamp classes but I would really like to try Pilates or Yoga. what is the best way to start? I have found some video’s on Fitnesstv but a gym close to me has some free classes this month? I am so not flexible and a bit on the clumbsy side.

    • If you are brand new to yoga and/or Pilates I definitely recommend starting with a class. The form is fundamental to both of these practices and so it’s necessary to have a teacher guide you through your first few sessions. Although I love doing both with dvd’s I find that most of them don’t have the best cueing for posture and alignment and that they are really designed for people who have experience.

      Also, give either (yoga or Pilates) at least 3 tries if you don’t love it at first. I did yoga on and off from when I was 13-17 (but kinda hated it) before I found a style that made sense to me. Pilates can be hard on your neck the first few times you do it but as you progress your neck muscles get stronger and accustomed to the exercise.

      Let me know if you have other questions!

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