Day 2


How are you going to move today?

I am going to run 5 miles and do Pilates. There, I said it.  I committed.  It’s your turn!

Rules recap: there are no rules!


  • Write a commit in response to this post about what you are going to do for exercise today and/or write a commit encouraging or praising others for their efforts.
  • Check in this evening to read my daily workout follow-up and write your own as a comment.
  • No amount of movement or exercise is too small or too big to include!

This is a very loosely structured, if you can only comment once a day it’s fine.  If you post your previous day’s follow-up and your new daily workout at the same time that’s fine also.  If you only participate once this whole week, yep, it’s fantastic that you did.

Here’s a reminder to help keep us sane (and moving) through the holidays,

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.”
– Charles Buxton

So tell me, how are you going to move today?


  1. That quote is so true!
    I just got done swimming. I’m going to run 4 miles at lunch and do some yoga tonight. And hopefully take the dog for a walk…
    Great job everyone!

      • Great job running in the cold! I have a hard time running if it’s below 30.

        I got all my working out in that I committed to this morning. I am also looking forward to December 21!

        • 26 degrees and sun wasn’t bad, it was really just the wind. I think it definitely takes some mental prep to run in the cold and each new personal cold record I set will take some steely determination. (40 degrees used to be my cut off!)

  2. Mm, I miss my pilates class.
    I just biked ~10.5mi; now I am committing to following that up with 1.5hr yoga…I had almost talked myself out of it, but now I’m committed! [thanks ;)]
    When Dave gets home from work, we’ll do a leg & back workout together.
    Enjoy your run!

    • I am currently standing at the computer with my running clothes on, hat and all, trying to talk my way out the door! Thanks for the encouragement, sometimes getting started is the hardest part!

  3. Rachel Hollander

    I commit to having my hubby work me out tonight doing 60-70 minutes of weight training and resistance work starting from legs up hitting every muscle group! 10 minutes each to burn out on legs, glutes, back, chest, bis, tris and shoulders!

    Keep up the good work, everyone!

  4. Sarah

    We should both be so proud! I am completely serious when I say that were it not for making the commitment on here this morning (that’s my-time morning, not you-time morning; that whole time difference thing), I would *not* have dragged myself to the gym after work tonight.

    It was 6:30, it was a long day, and it had started getting dark at 3:30. I wanted home! But? This time last week, I’d have done just that – let myself off the hook and gone home. Tonight? I read your blog post, steeled myself, and did it – went to the gym and lifted. And now? I am of course very glad I did so. Has anyone *ever* regretted training once they’ve got it done? I think not.

    So, a huge thank you. And in return, a reminder for us both that should lift our spirits. The winter solstice is just around the corner, only next week. And after we make it through the shortest daylight of the year? Well, it’s all downhill from then – our days start getting longer again 🙂

    Oh! And I can’t forget tomorrow’s commitment – yoga, tomorrow evening. Only my second ever class, but I have a hunch it’s the start of a beautiful relationship. Keep smiling, sunshine!

    • As I was walking up to my front door after my run I thought to myself “I NEVER regret a run once I get started”! You are so right!
      I’ve been counting down the days until Solstice for weeks, literally!
      Awesome on the workout!

  5. Sandy

    Thank you for the inspiration. I agree with Sarah that it would be too easy to say it is COLD outside and skip it but I had already committed. And thank you Sarah for reminding us that after next week it will just start getting lighter every day even if it isn’t getting any warmer. I am so grateful for all of my blog “friends” to help keep me from sinking into SAD this winter.

      • Sandy

        Yes got my 45 min. of yoga, a jazzercise class and a 4 mile walk. The walk was a little slow today because of snow packed and icy country roads but we had sunshine so it was not really that cold even though the temperature was 14. Hopefully the wind will stop blowing and the sun will come back for you tomorrow.

  6. My plan was to run 3-5 miles at the college indoor track but I was running late and only got 3 miles in at the Y indoor track. I say 3 is better than 0!

    I love snow and all but can our temps please get a bit higher so I can run outside!? It was -20 this morning…without windchill! BRR!

    • 3 is 100 times better than 0! Do you like my math? 🙂 Great job!
      Holy cold, -20 sounds unreal to me! What is your running outside threshold? I think my new on is low 20’s but I’ll have to wait to confirm that until after I actually try it.

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