1. srzasa

    I missed this mornings post – but woke up this morning feeling the need to do something! I spent some time making extra trips to the copier this morning and then did 20 minutes of yoga tonight.

    • That’s great! Since the orchard closed last month I have been spending a lot of time at home on the computer. I need to remember to get up and move more! That’s also why my workouts are pretty big lately, I am barely moving besides that!

  2. Okay, I’m in and can certainly use the motivation.

    For 12/14/2010
    25 minutes of dancing, the kind of dancing you do when no one is watching.
    20 minutes of yoga to wrap up the day.

    For some reason I never feel motivated to do yoga at home, there is always something else I could do. Any suggestions?

    • I love this! Good work Christina!
      As for yoga, I have been into doing it on http://www.exercisetv.tv (are you in the US? It worked in Peru but I am not sure about other countries). There is not that much on there but there are 3-4 that I like (20-45 minutes). It can be a little tricky to navagate so if you want a direct link, let me know.
      Also, I have been using dvd’s for years and really like them. There are tons of ones out there for $10-15 (the price of one class!) and you can find them at Target and other big box stores.
      One thing that really helped me establish a home practice is to come up with a series of poses that takes 15-20 minutes. After a few days of it my mind was barely involved and my body took me trough the poses from muscle memory. On days when I am feeling creative or want more I elaborate from this series but it’s a great base.
      Let me know how the dancing and yoga goes!

  3. Sarah

    Hello! OK, I think this is a fantastic idea – accountability and support both very welcome right now. Short dark days are really taking their toll, I hear you. I’m on the other side of the ocean from you (hence the funky time difference), but we’re sharing cold grey skies just now. AWFUL!

    … and you know what? The very fact that I am hesitating to commit is the very reason I need to; I’m simply not getting it done on my own lately and have somehow decided to accept that. You’re a wise one, Faith. Time to make some changes 🙂

    So, tonight after work I will go to the gym for a weights session. I’m also wayyyyy overdue some cardio (desk job, ugh), and whilst IT band issues mean that running is still out … well, there *are* other options. Even if only 5 minutes, getting back in the habit starts tonight.

    Have a great day; catch you later!

  4. Ellen Miller

    Your very welcome and I’m so honored to be a part of the blog! Keep us posted on when you drink them and the accompanying meal. I enjoy staying connected in your life thru this and am a pretty steady reader. Have gotten back into pilates after a 2 year hiatus and am thoroughly enjoying the non-cardio one day a week.

  5. Gina

    LOVE Navarro…Their vineyards are gorgeous, the owners are very down to earth and sweet and I used to have a wine membership from them! Enjoy!

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