1. How fun to meet up with a long lost friend!
    I followed through with yesterday’s workouts except strength training with Dave last night; so we got up early this morning to work legs & back together as well as abs. Now I’m committing to taking Eisley [the pup] for a long walk this afternoon — even though it is COLD today — because she deserves an active day too.

  2. Kristi

    I love the idea of your ‘Comment Commit!’ If I publicly commit to fitness goals, I’m much more likely to follow through! Well, let’s hope!!!

    My plan for today is (1) Deep clean my friend’s house for upcoming sale-5 hrs.(definitely exercise, if you ask me), (2) walk my dog, twice, and (3) either practice some yoga or hit up the elliptical for at least 30 min.

    Off we go! Have a great and active day!!! Thanks!

  3. Rachel Hollander

    I committed to running 4.4 miles tonight, but it was 14 degrees and icy! I made it through 2.2 miles (half my circuit) and ended up walking back home because my legs were crampy and felt like bricks! I promised I dressed in layers!

    I was not defeated and when I got home, I did a 35 minute fun circuit all around my house including planks, running up and down the (steep!) stairs in my house, jumping jacks, tricep curls, deadlifts and squats! Afterward, I felt GREAT!

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