1. Too bad you yoga class wasn’t better 🙁 But your dinner looks awesome!

    I didn’t commit to my activity on your blog this morning, but I accomplished all my goals: 4 mile run, 30 minute walk with the dog, and yoga at home this evening. Now I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for an early swim in the morning…

  2. papa

    I would ask you to reconsider the phrase :only worth free, as many practitioners / businesses may apply that marketing technique with new business. Lots of snow this morning, so I will not be running. Just walking the dog.

  3. srzasa

    I did it! I put on the Biggest Loser and then did my healthy back and yoga workout – granted, I might not have been as focussed as I could have been during my yoga!

    • Walk dates are the best. None of your friends are into it? If I don’t have a friend to walk with I sometimes phone a friend while I walk instead. I really need to get one of those bluetooth things though because my arm gets tired holding the phone for miles!

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