1. Sara

    home with a sick kiddo. need to run (I’ve taken 3 days off due to a bad cold). plan to get on the treadmill. 2 miles minimum.

  2. I love the comment commit! Thanks for the great motivation! I love exercising but have missed a couple of days recently due to holiday busyness. Not a good tradeoff for me! Today I am running 4 miles with my husband and trying out an exercise TV video for strength training. This will be my first time using exercise TV. Enjoy your snow day!
    I came to your blog a couple of months ago via Kath and am appreciating the motivation for healthy eating and movement!

  3. srzasa

    Hmph! The tae bo – didn’t happen. However, the day was not a total loss. A coworker asked me at lunch if I wanted to walk – so we walked the halls for 10-15 minutes. I also walked the short distance to the grocery store. I’m tired and cranky and that’s going to have to do for today. Next up – a cup of ginger tea and some knitting.

    • I love that you walked the halls just to get moving, reminds me when I would do jumping jacks when I worked at the orchard! I hope you sleep off the tired and cranky and have a great day tomorrow!

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