1. I am going to pack up more of my place to get ready to move and help my roommate move out. If there is time and a little energy I hope to do 20-30 minutes of yoga tonight before dinner with my parents.

    Hope you are able to go to the 108 Sun Salutations 🙂

  2. My initial plan was to spin this morning…that did not happen.

    I must have subconsciously turned my alarm off because I swear I set it last night and I didn’t wake up until The Husband’s alarm went off…an hour after mine was set and about the time I was supposed to be arriving at the Y for spin. Oops. I guess I need my sleep!

  3. I’ve not heard of the 108 sun salutations. I look forward to hearing about it. Today is raining hard here so I am going to commit to strength training on exercise tv and an hour walk with a friend. It is rainy yet mild.

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