1. Love your recap!! And hilarious about my ankles 🙂

    Might do the same workout video you did!….(nevermind it costs money : ( ) Are there any free ones?

  2. I saw Kath link you and wanted to pop over and say hi.

    I have been teaching yoga for 10 years and practicing for about 12…and the first time someone told me that on solstices you do 108 sun salutations I thought they were….nuts!

    I have come to LOVE solstice practices and doing 108! The group energy (if doing it in a group and not alone) is just wonderful. It’s such a unifying, wonderful experience. I always tell people, even if they can’t do 108, to just do 8. Or 26 or how many ever you can…yoga is about the journey, anyway.

    I love that you loved it…and ate dinner with Kath in your sweaty pants. I have friends like that. The best 🙂

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